Rabu, Maret 25

I love to be 15..............

happy holiday
today I gonna go to somewhere. getting bored with the life. any idea?
btw, I've planned many things before going to my 16th... that's awesome to see I grow bigger and bigger..
but, it's nice to just be 15. a lovely age! have found many things here. but, see! some adult still have a thought that I'm not ready to go to 16th. what adult think actually? I always wonder boud what sh** they've thought. but whateva that! I just wanna be who I'm. just thought I won't have a word "the new of me" in my sweety 16. it's nice to just flow the way. make it better without any changes.

thought that I do ready to go to 16.. what things gonna come to me in that age? yeap! talking 'boud my parade in the lovely 15, I'll do such things that can remember all my life. just for making sure that I can do much better...
I love to be 15...

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