Selasa, Agustus 26


hi there!
buttercup here...

need to tell u lill of puFFgalz.
we're a bunch (?) of people that want to thruw our day t gether till the end of time (??)
we wanna be a true galz n some of we : looking 4 boyz..
HEY! u have one??
give uz.. (kidding)

we try to be:
- a kind of gudh galz
- an attractive people
- dunt to speak "bebelit2", cz some of uz iz suffering "not connected syndrome". n sure dad'z NOT me..
- for a gudh chef (blozzom)
she has to make yummy fudh to uz (me n bubblez)
u muzt!
- be a gudh liztenerz 4 otherz>>
- to blozzom:
I get bored with ur story that u called "CERITOLUCU" so, STOP IT or I'll fight u. can u tell other genre of story? maybe "cerito antu" n I'll hear u!

dad'z oll. i've to back home. n u know? now iz 5 p.m...I'll get trouble ad home..
C U oll!

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